What to bring on the yacht

Given that the size of the cabins and their lockers is limited, we suggest you take a cruise the bare minimum with a soft, pliable cases. but if you cannot avoid the rigid kind, try to use the smallest size possible, for easier storage. 

Also keep in mind that the interior consists entirely of marine wood, and require some care and attention to avoid damage.
We ask you to wear only shoes with white soles, or better still bare feet or anti-slip socks.
Strictly no-smoking inside, but permissible on deck.

We suggest you don't forget the objects, as shown in the following list:

- Boat shoes or boat boots during the fresh seasons;
- Gloves boat;

- Sunglasses;

- Waxed sail light or heavy depending on the season;

- Sunscreen;

- 2-3 changes of underwear;
- 2-3 changes of sports socks;

- Long shorts and casual;

- Long-sleeved shirts and light hats to avoid sunburn (recommended light colors);
- Wool sweaters / fleece (at least 2) to face the cold in the sea even in summer.

Le nostre Crociere

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